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Weighbridge Services Remote Offsite Minitoring Labour Hire

Electronic Control of coal tonnage moved from production area to the plant to the stockpile to the weighbridge out the gate and received by the client.

SA Weighbridge and Coal Control controls the total supply chain if it comes to weight control. This includes the personnel at the weighbridge's and coal control officers who generate daily, weekly and monthly reports for the client to reconcile input and output tonnage.

SA Weighbridge & Coal Control, ROM (Remote Offsite Monitoring) is a South African owned company that specializes in the design, and supply of video surveillance systems for the Weighbridge Industry. These systems are designed to suit individual customer requirements such as your own.

As a surveillance company we understand the special security needs of our customers and strive to provide them with the highest quality products and services to suit these needs and protect their assets.

SA Weighbridge and Coal Control finds itself in the privileged position to handle the recruitment, appointment and training of the local surface and underground staff for a number of Collieries.

This includes, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour.This makes SA Weighbridge and Coal Control the proud owner of valuable intellectual capital regarding the coal industry, including production managers, geologists, miners, plant operators, etc.

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SA WEIGHBRIDGE & COAL CONTROL were established by a vision of proud South African men and woman that joined hands, a vision we believe was a calling from our Almighty God, therefore our foundation was established as a clean hands company that has the highest level of moral and ethical standards.

SA Weighbridge & coal control has established their partnerships far beyond the expectations of BEE Empowerment, as we have established our partnerships and relationships on a complete non discriminative equally respected trustworthy relationship that extends to a very close friendship.

SA Weighbridge and Coal Control brings together expertise and knowledge in operational management and a thorough understanding of Labour Hire, Weighbridge Services and Mining Services in the industry market in South and Southern Africa.

We manufacture and repair a full range of scales and weighbridges. Our platform scales range from 10kg to 300t, while the range on our weighbridges goes up to 200. We also manufactures and repair scales for specific uses as to the customer needs or to their design.

We offer an extensive range of indicators and loads cells to choose from. The Company aims to combine these strengths and become a significant stakeholder in the Mining and Services industry.The company currently employs a total of 60 employees at various sites. To date we have been privileged to be of service to a number of Collieries, not only to staff their operations, but also to effect a considerable reduction in losses.

SA Weighbridge & Coal Control has unique and specialized coal and weighbridge control system, BOAS (Bulk Operations Application System) especially developed for the coal industries in South Africa, It gives Strict Technology Based Control of the movement of coal from one site to another, monitoring all aspects of the clients operations at all times LIVE 24/7.

SA Weighbridge and Coal Control BOAS (Bulk Operations Application System) generates information Live therefore allowing client to view transactions on weighbridges, stockpiles etc. as they occur.

Click on the icons on the right to download our BOAS presentation in MS Powerpoint format.

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